New Member Information

Interested in joining Lake Park or just learning more about what membership is all about?

We welcome new members about four times a year.  Prior to each New Member Sunday we offer a Meet and Greet time to learn more about being a member at Lake Park.  You are also invited to contact Pastor David Dragseth, or one of our Lay Leaders, Seth Kiefer or Steffen Cave  for a personal conversation before or after joining.

All new members must attend a Meet and Greet Session as well as the New Member Joining Sunday worship and an evening meal designed to help you better get to know others joining with you.

If you would like more information please, Contact Us or call the church office, we’d love to get to know you better.

Just joined? Check out some more information about Lake Park’s ministries, worship services and history throughout our website and check out some basic information for new members below:

Welcome from Pastor David Dragseth

Lake Park’s Mission & Priorities

What is “stewardship” anyway?

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Lake Park Lutheran is a part of the ELCA

RIC church - welcoming to allLPLC is a Reconciling in Christ Church, welcoming and affirming of all people including those in the LGBT community