Lake Park’s Mission & Priorities

We are called to proclaim the Gospel, advocate for justice, and serve others in our diverse parish.

In addition, Lake Park Lutheran Church (LPLC) has established six priorities in its mission as an instrument of God’s love in the community:

Priority 1: LPLC is a creative, relationally grounded, spiritual congregation that ministers to and draws inspiration from its diverse, highly mobile, urban community.

Priority 2: LPLC is an ELCA congregation that educates and advocates for justice, locally and globally. We are a Reconciling in Christ congregation, a member of MICAH,  a care for creation congregation, and we partner with other ELCA congregations and grass roots social ministries.

Priority 3: LPLC is a radically welcoming congregation.

Priority 4: LPLC empowers its members to make a meaningful impact in the world through our church and unique vocations.

Priority 5: LPLC is a community of spiritual renewal, healing, learning and growth for all ages rooted in Word and Sacrament ministry.

Priority 6: LPLC embraces the stewardship of its own and creation’s resources as a ministry to its members and as a calling to enable greater outreach.

Lake Park Lutheran Church
2647 N. Stowell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211 Phone: 414.962.9190 Fax: 414.962.9134

Lake Park Lutheran is a part of the ELCA

RIC church - welcoming to allLPLC is a Reconciling in Christ Church, welcoming and affirming of all people including those in the LGBT community