What is “Stewardship” anyway?

What exactly is a Stewardship campaign all about? How much should I give? Why should I pledge? Where does the money go? What about my time isn’t this just as important? Does the church expect me to give a specific amount?

These are all great questions! You might have others. While we could write out long laborious responses to each one, sometimes a conversation can be so much more helpful. With that in mind, please as you prayerfully consider what you can give to the church and our wider community. Then give our staff a call and they or a member of our Stewardship Committee would be happy to have a conversation with you. Below is some basic information to get you started…

Ministry Booklet 2015

Stewardship encompasses so many facets of our lives.  We are stewards of the earth when we care for creation as individuals and as a church.  We are stewards of peace and justice when we involve ourselves in advocacy.  We are stewards of the Holy Spirit when we share our faith through music at worship.  We are stewards of Lake Park and God’s work through the church when we serve on Council, arrange for needed building repairs or provide hospitality to our congregation after worship.

Another important portion of stewardship is the giving of our financial resources.  Lake Park as a member of the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA, gives 10% (tithing) of pledged giving to the Synod each year.  In turn, the Synod offers 62% of its resources to the ELCA churchwide.  Lake Park also supports community organizations including East Side Senior Services, Luther Manor, Lutheran Campus Ministry and MICAH. Within our congregation, offerings provide for programming, worship supplies, staff salaries and building maintenance.

Contemplate your role as a steward.  How are you called to support God’s work in the world?

A financial commitment form and time and talent form are available from the office.  Think about what contribution of time and money you can make and share this information.  Financial pledging helps us budget and use our congregational resources well.  Sharing your time and talents allows the staff and church leaders to connect you with activities that might be of interest.  Financial pledges are tracked and contribution reports are available on a quarterly basis for tax deduction purposes.

Lake Park members automatically receive offering envelopes after joining.  They will arrive in the mail. To fulfill pledges, you may choose to utilize Simply Giving, a monthly automatic electronic debit from your checking account.  Simply Giving ensures your pledge is met and benefits the church by providing a more consistent source of income to fund the work of the congregation.  If you would like to enroll in Simply Giving, please call the church office.  Once you enroll, you may save paper and postage by discontinuing your offering envelopes by contacting the office.

Each November, members are asked to renew their stewardship commitment.

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