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Mens’ Retreat

3/17 & 2/18 Mens’ Retreat @ Tree of Life – More information will be emailed out. Friday afternoon – Saturday lunch.  Contact  Church office for more info.

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Gals Night Out – 3/14

3/14 – Gals Night Out – 6:30pm @ Church – We welcome a guest speaker.  She will Present: The Meaning of Cultural Dress among Muslim Women In Milwaukee Region. Enaya Othman will share her work on behalf of Arab and Muslim Women’s Research and Resource Institute (AMWRRI) that aims to foster public dialogue and increase awareness of immigrant women’s issues. AMWRRI was established in 2009 to give Muslim and Arab women agency through collecting their narratives that speak of their experiences, adjustment, and contributions to life in the United States.  The talk focuses on one example of AMWRRI’s work: “Beyond the Veil: Dress, Identity and Tradition Through the Eyes of the Muslim and Arab Women of Greater Milwaukee.”  Contact the Church office for more...

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Polish Party – 3/11

3/11 – Polish Party – 9-noon @ Church – The Altar Committee be polishing all our worship metal for Lent/Holy Week/Easter. All are welcome. Bring elbow grease

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