Stewardship Council Corner – Kevin Nitz, Council President

We are in the midst of our 2014 Stewardship Campaign, and it is evident how our community is able to connect more closely and focus on achieving a common goal. In the short time since our campaign kickoff, we have had an overwhelming display of support from people throughout the congregation. These offerings and commitments of time, words, wisdom, and unique talents are what will lay the groundwork for a successful campaign this year. So, thank you to all who have been involved thus far, and if you would like to be involved, please reach out to anyone on the council. We will ensure that we find a task or special rallying cry just for you.

Many people have experienced the pay it forward concept in some form or fashion. I had my first experience with the Starbucks drive-thru version this past month. The concept being that you pay for the order of the car behind, so that when pulling up to pay for their order, they are pleasantly surprised by the generosity of the unknown customer ahead of them; which in turn starts a chain reaction. We were driving back from spending the weekend in Chicago visiting family, pumpkin patching, and eating our fill of apple cider donuts. After the first hour, I just couldn’t stay awake (and my wife was already asleep next to me), so we stopped just past the border to grab some caffeine. Lo and behold, we pull around to the drive- thru window to pay and are told that our caffeine was on the person before us in line. For me, it elicited the quintessential emotion of the cheerful giver verse from 2 Corinthians. So, we in turn paid for the folks behind us. It didn’t matter whether we got stuck with the car ordering a single, small, black coffee or the minivan full of ravenous hot chocolate-loving- sugar-rush-needing kids; it just felt right.

As we enter November, the peak of our 2014 Stewardship Campaign, let us all remember the important lesson of cheerful giving and the bounty of good works that it is doing in our congregation. We have talked extensively about our goal of increasing giving by $30,000 to support our commitment to growing our congregational support. But, that’s just part of stewardship at Lake Park (albeit an important part!). It is also about renewing our commitment to serve the congregation and our community with our inherent and unique spiritual gifts and abilities. As in years past, this will be an extremely successful campaign because we believe in the great work that our congregation is doing, and know that it is worth cheerfully investing in.


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