Lutheran Campus Ministry at UWM

As part of our 100th Anniversary, we renewed our partnership with Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and our relationship with The Corner House goes from strength to strength!

Check out the latest activities at Lutheran Campus Ministry at UWM on their Facebook Page

Contacts: Russell Fung, Tom and Linda Wissbeck, Chairpersons; Seth Kiefer, Secretary & Staff liaison

Lutheran Campus Ministry partnership

As a synod we also support the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Marquette!  Check out their website or Facebook Page for more information about their ministries!

For more information or to get involved, please contact Tom & Linda Wissbeck or Russell Fung.


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Lake Park Lutheran is a part of the ELCA
RIC church - welcoming to all LPLC is an Reconciling in Christ Church, welcoming and affirming of all people including those in the LGBT community