Lutheran Campus Ministry at UWM

As part of our 100th Anniversary, we are renewing our partnership with Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Russell Fung, Tom and Linda Wissbeck, chairpersons; Pastor Sandy Jacobs, staff contact

Check out the activities at Lutheran Campus Ministry at UWM on their Facebook Page


Lutheran Campus Ministry partnership

The students at UWM are taking a much deserved break after a busy semester. Activities at the Corner House resumed in the last week of January.

We will host a Coffee House Music Night at Lake Park Church in March to help the Peer Ministers raise funds for their Spring Break trip to Savannah GA. Stay tuned for more information.

Talk to one of us if you want to take part in this meaningful and fulfilling ministry!

For more information or to get more involved at the Corner House, please contact Tom & Linda Wissbeck or Russell Fung.

As a synod we also support the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Marquette!  Check out their website or Facebook Page for more information about their ministries!


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