Eco-Justice/Alice’s Garden/Urban Ecology Center

As part of our 100th Anniversary, the Eco-Justice group was developed to foster new partnerships Alice’s Garden and the Urban Ecology Center.

Partnering with the Urban Ecology Center and Alice’s Garden

Lisa Sullivan-Vedder and Laura Bray, chairpersons;
Pastor David, staff contact

EcoJustice Team Updates

The EcoJustice Team has been busy planning events in partnership with the Urban Ecology Center and Alice’s Garden for the past several months.  We are looking for team leaders willing to organize volunteers for specific events as well as volunteers for a variety of activities at upcoming events.  Please read on to see how you can become a part of the team.  Come be a part of positive ecological and social change in the city of Milwaukee happening right in your own backyard!

Alice’s Garden Partnership


The work is done, the wait is over and the fun is just beginning.  The labyrinth in Alice’s Garden is complete!  As many of you know, Lake Park Lutheran has been partnering with Venice Williams (Alice’s Garden/Center for Resilient Cities) and Jeff Rainwater (Center for Resilient Cities) to create a labyrinth and healing garden in Alice’s Garden, a community garden at 20th and Garfield in the heart of the city of Milwaukee, as part of our 100th Anniversary service project initiative.  Many Lake Parkers, along with members of several other diverse community groups, donated supplies, dug in the dirt, hauled rocks and/or offerred moral support throughout this process to make this project a reality, and now it’s time to walk the labyrinth and see what it’s all about.

If you’d like more information walking the labyrinth, there is a brochure entitled “How to Walk a Labyrinth” at the church.

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