What to Expect at Sunday Worship

Relax, you can’t make a mistake in worship!

Isn’t that a relief?  That said, sometimes it is nice to know what you are walking into before you arrive.  Just know that you can always ask if you have a question, we are a friendly group and would like to make you feel at home.

What are our Sunday Services like?

Our 8 a.m. worship is a casual service with people in the pews helping in leading and directing the service often with guitar and organ music. What does this mean? Spontaneous volunteers read the lessons for the day, the sermon is open for discussion and communion is shared in a circle around the table. We follow a more simple liturgy in the bulletin each Sunday. If you have been to the 10 o’clock service, but never tried 8, stop by sometime, it’s an interesting and refreshing service.

Our 10 a.m. worship is a lively service with clergy and lay leaders leading the service with music on the organ, guitar, piano and sometimes drums. This service, held in our larger sanctuary, closely follows the bulletin liturgy. Each service has a children’s sermon and special music from the music ministry team.

Holy Communion

We welcome all at the Lord’s table.  If you haven’t been baptized or just wish to receive a blessing you may leave your hands folded or at your side.  Gluten-free wafers are available (please ask) and grape juice and wine are both served.

Children in Worship

We love children at Lake Park.  Take a look around and you’ll see lots of them!  Children are always welcome in worship services.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a break though, so we offer nursery care for children ages 6 months – 5 years at both our 8 and 10 a.m. worship services on Sundays and at select special services throughout the year.  We ask that all children (visitors are welcome too!) that are going to be in the nursery be signed in and out by a parent.

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Lake Park Lutheran is a part of the ELCA

RIC church - welcoming to allLPLC is a Reconciling in Christ Church, welcoming and affirming of all people including those in the LGBT community