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Seven Saturdays of Service – Creating Community

Creating Community – UWM Corner House

Written By Linda and Tom Wissbeck

As the school year starts, the Corner House comes back to life after a quiet summer. We meet new students and reconnect with returning friends. They come with the excitement of new classes and the anxiety of heavy workloads. For many students, the school year is the longest they have been away from home, and they need to find a new support system. The Corner House is such a place! Our community is a safe space for students as they figure out how to be on their own. They are getting to know themselves apart from their families and in community with the rest of us.

On Monday evenings, we gather in the Prayer & Meditation room of the Corner House, where we listen to scripture being read or a thoughtful essay being share aloud. Then we discuss, journal, and share, giving us all a time to ask questions and hear what others think. We love this time with the students and continue to grow spiritually during these gatherings, week after week, year after year. On Thursday evening, we gather in the living room for worship including the Lord’s Supper, where are all welcome. After worship, we gather around the table, and we all share in a meal and in conversation. It truly feels like a family dinner!

We were so grateful for all the people who came together on Saturday morning to cook with us for the students at the Corner House. These meals are needed…food cooked with love feeds the bodies and the spirits of these young adults. Everyone worked together to prepare four vegan meals, which will feed about 25 people each, for use as the dinner after the Thursday worship. As we gave our time in service for others and cooked meals together, I think we all were blessed. In serving our the Campus Ministry community, we came together as a community. People of all ages working together and learning new cooking skills. People laughing and telling stories. As we worked together, we got to know one another better, another blessing for our Lake Park family!



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