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Lenten Adult Ed Series – Week Two

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Chapter 1 – Rebecca: Beautiful Bride to Manipulative Mother

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Waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled can be difficult. Rebecca feels that she must act in dishonest ways to make God’s promise come true. Do you ever lose patience waiting for God’s plan to come to fruition?

Chapter 2 –  Leah: Second-Best in Her Husband’s Eyes

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The story of Jacob seeking marriage is a horrible story and one which is difficult to grasp in our modern context. Can you look beyond the mistreatment of women and find anything redeeming in this story?

Chapter 3 –  Ruben: A Man of Conscience

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By giving Joseph the dreams and placing the younger brother above the older, God is setting up confrontational situation. Why do you think God chooses to work in ways which will inevitably end in conflict?

Chapter 4 –  Miriam: Prophetess With an Opportunity

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Check out the additional resource…in it the author writes a monologue from the perspective of Miriam about her physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration. What are your thoughts about this interpretation of her experience?

Chapter 5 –  Rahab: Liar, Gentile, and Prostitute

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Rahab was a prostitute, historically that really isn’t questioned. But there seems to be a lot of surprise that this “type of person” could be used by God and, more importantly, be part of Jesus’ family tree. How does her story challenge the way you might think or feel about people in your life with less than perfect pasts?

Chapter 6 –  Deborah: Unlikely Leader on the Battlefield

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I don’t know about you, but I think it is a little silly to be shocked by a woman’s fighting spirit and strength in battle. For her context, it was outside of the expected gender norms, but for today should not be surprising. Are there gender norms you “buy into” or can any person really do anything?

Chapter 7 –  Gideon: Soldier of God

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The slaughter of the Midianites is only one of several battles in the Old Testament in which God not only condones the killing, but commands it. Gideon faithfully followed orders, sure…but how do we come to terms with the presentation of our God of War?

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