Pastor Alexis Twito

Pastor Alexis Twito is a born-and-raised Milwaukeean. All of her studies, in the USA and abroad, led her to have a deep love for God’s big, sometimes messy, but awe some world.

She describes herself as a Christmas-Christian: for her, the most transformational event in the history of creation was when God decided to become one of us. That God put on humanness, as a way to show how much God cares about this sometimes messy, but awesome world, means for her, that we have a great responsibility
to care for all, work for peace and justice, and ensure that all experience God’s grace, mercy and love.

Pastor Alexis has a passion for social justice ministries, especially around areas of poverty, racism, and police-community relations. When she is not at Lake Park
, she is Coordinator of the Milwaukee Police Chaplaincy program through the Salvation Army. And when she’s not doing that, she’s spending time with her nieces and nephews, enjoying a good beer, reading, or hanging out along the lakefront.


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