Connecting Online!

Check out our Online Community
You’ve likely been getting emails through the online community already, but did you know that you can connect even further?

First, Update your Profile
Maybe you have a knack with tools and could help our property team or you love kids and want to volunteer in an area of youth ministry. Whatever it is, sharing your gifts with others at Lake Park is a great way to connect.

Here are the basic steps to completing your profile
1. Go to either the Lake Park website ( and look for the link on the lower right corner of the page that says “Member Log-in” OR go directly to
2. At the log-in screen, click “Sign-up” and enter the information you listed on your membership sheet. A log-in will be sent to your email address. (If you use a different email address, there may be a delay in getting your log-in information)
3. Go back to the log-in screen and enter your log-in and password
4. Once you’ve logged in, click on “My Profile” at the very top of the screen.
5. Select “Edit Profile” on the right side of the screen.
6. From here you can check your basic information and add a photo of yourself. Photos are only visible to members of Lake Park. A head shot that shows your face well will help make it easier to recognize you in person. Need a photo taken? Contact the church office.
7. To update your spiritual gifts and abilities, select the “Serving” tab, following the instructions you can indicate all sorts of ministries you are interested in or talents that you would like to share.
8. If you have a secondary email you would like us to have on file, have more information about your baptism or would like to share your occupation, click on the “Custom Fields” tab.

Second, find others online or join a group!
Did you recently meet someone at church and want to connect during the week? You can search by first or last name in the “People”tab. Many people are putting their photo online too, so you can put faces with names!

Join a Group! You can also look for groups that are meeting in the church and join or request to join them for updates about activities, meetings, etc.

If you have any questions about our Online Community, please don’t hesitate to ask! Call the office or email the church office for assistance!

We are on Facebook too!
Check us out on Facebook! Search “Lake Park Lutheran” and like-us to get updates in your newsfeed about church events!

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