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Worship with us on Wednesdays, beginning September 5th

Worship with us on Wednesdays, beginning September 5th Midweek worship is a short worship service held weekly on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:00pm. We don’t have midweek worship in the summer, but we will be resuming our midweek worship service on September 5th. The service takes place in Lake Park’s beautiful and peaceful chapel. We share good music, a simple reflection and common prayer. When life is too hectic and when your soul is yearning for some peace, take a break in the middle of the week and join us in...

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Save the Date

August 8th- Middle and High School Trip to Noah’s Ark August 14th- Women’s Circle August 19th 9:15am-Worship Assistant Training August 25th 7:30pm- Baroque Concert by Anna & Charlie August 29th- Guy’s Night Out Boat Outing September 9th- Fall Kick-Off and Block...

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Summer Nights, Aug 5th & 12th

Summer Nights, Aug 5th & 12th Summer Nights is an evening gathering at the Dragseth’s Home for a ti me of fellowship and intenti onal conversati on. This year’s Summer Night’s series will explore the questi ons that moved Nikolai Grundtvig, a Danish Lutheran Pastor who lived 200 years ago. What is happiness? What balance of things make for the good life? Can a society have a playful mix of work, leisure, meaning and purpose? Can everyone enjoy life, in equal justi ce and opportunity? What kind of society would God want? Nikolai Grundtvig wrote extensively on happiness, democracy, and faith. He wrote hymns, built chairs, organized schools and ran for public offi ce. His writi ngs became so popular that they formed the foundati on of the modern Danish State. You’ve probably never heard of him. But you’ve probably sung dozens of his songs in church. And you’ve probably gone to a school that taught an art class or had a band because of him. We’ll read some of his sermons on God loving all people (regardless of religion). We’ll sing some of his songs and we’ll eat together. To prepare for our conversati ons, we’ll be sending out some short readings the fi rst week of August. Bring a light summer dish to pass!...

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