The Rev. David Dragseth, Sr. Pastor

“In a world filled with terror, a world that’s been closing door after door in the namePastor David, Middle School Trip 2010, Stockton Island, Lake Superior.JPG of security, someone needs to say we still think this world is beautiful. One way to do that is to fling our doors wide open and say, like Jesus boldly said, ‘Come.’” – from sermo
n preached at the opening of the church renovations.

Pastor David remembers preaching a sermon on youth Sunday in 1986 attending junior high and worshiping at Edina Community Lutheran Church in suburban Minneapolis. The church ladies greeted him afterward, “Oh David, we’re so glad you’ve decided to become a pastor.” While he wasn’t willing to admit it at the time, the church ladies knew what was right. He grew up in suburbia planning to become a lawyer. He went to Dartmouth College planning to become an Olympic rower. And he accepted a grant to Harvard Divinity School planning to explore “deeper meaning” and indulge an academic career. So much for planning … God, and the church ladies it seems, have the last word.

David is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He was called to Lake Park Lutheran Church in 1999 when the church was in redevelopment mode. Through his time at Lake Park the church has radically reformed into the bustling and active place we see today. How did all this life come to be? Well, says David, we just got to know God again and God did all the reforming.

David Juggles
Juggling at a block party

He plays guitar and sings sappy songs and loves to discuss Augustine and Luther, especially after taking a sauna. He enjoys rowing on the Milwaukee river (apart from dodging the random lazy boy recliner. . .) and loves work on ecology and faith. David writes for several devotional publications and is active as a mentor for young clergy. He has three beautiful children Luke (born 2000), Phoebe (born 2001) and Hope (born 2005). His home is filled with debates on who should do the dishes and who is the most important person in the Trinity.